THERMI caring and soothing gel is a product of proven effectiveness.

The product was tested dermatologically in the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw. These tests proved a high effectiveness of the preparation in alleviating the results of irritations caused by external factors: sun and high temperature. Studies revealed that THERMI gel soothes and alleviates the skin, by eliminating the feeling of tension. Soothing activity can be observed as soon as several minutes after gel application.

The evaluation concerning the effectiveness of the THERMI gel was also performed in more than 20 different Neurology and Neurosurgery Clinics in Poland on bedridden people, exposed to the risk of pressure sores. It has been confirmed that the gel perfectly protects the skin against blistering and abrasions. This gel absorbs very well, cares and protects the epidermis, as well as prevents skin dehydration. When used on regular basis it enables to obtain particularly good protective results.