Prolonged exposure of the body to UV radiation, sunbathing under the highest degree of incident radiation (at noon, next to the water, in the mountains) or using a tanning bed may often lead to sunburns. This is particularly the case among the majority of people with light complexion. It is best to avoid any kinds of sunburns, whether on the beach or in the tanning bed. Nonetheless, these problems become quite common during the summer season.

When going on a vacation, it is worth having the Thermi caring and soothing gel with you – it is an innovative preparation used as a skin-care product for skin experiencing excessive exposure to the sun and the heat, prone to irritations and blistering. Thermi contains Regen7 molecule, which protects the skin against the development of irritations, reduces redness and regenerates the epidermis. The gel soothes and alleviates, as well as prevents excessive skin dehydration. Specially designed hydrogel formula ensures effective cooling action and brings true relief to the skin. The THERMI gel reduces the sensation of overheating and burning of the skin, which is frequently experienced after prolonged exposure to the sun.