Symptoms of skin irritation due to excessive sun exposure

Sunburns are skin irritations resulting from excessive exposure to the ultraviolet solar radiation. Sunburn usually develops within 1 to 4 hours after sun exposure. It may even occur in a cold, but sunny day, since UV radiation does not depend on the air temperature. Depending on the intensity of the reaction, an erythema, oedema, or even blisters can appear on the skin, as it is the case in the 1st and the 2nd degree thermal burns.

Symptoms of solar irritation:

  • redness and oedema,
  • the skin becomes hot to the touch,
  • vulnerability to pressure appears,
  • the skin hurts, itches and burns at the same time,
  • blisters may appear in more severe cases.

Lesions resulting from sunburns usually disappear after several days, leaving an exfoliating epidermis and skin discolorations. The skin requires a long time for regeneration. Any burns, whether experienced in a tanning bed or under the sun, may cause severe skin diseases, and malignant melanoma is the most severe form of them all.