How to comfort irritated skin?

Although everyone knows that it is best to avoid sunburns at all times, these problems become quite common during the summer season. Usually, staying in the sun or using the tanning bed, more or less frequently, leads to sunburns. When the skin becomes red and hot to touch, it hurts, itches and burns, this means that you have overdosed the sun exposure. In such case, it is important to immediately leave the sun and help the skin burned by solar radiation. Here are several practical recommendations:

  1. the quickest option is to cool the skin and take a cool shower or use cold (but not freezing) compress on reddened skin,
  2. apply a caring and cooling preparation (e.g. Thermi caring and soothing gel), which will soothe the burning sensation and pain, prevents the oedema and excessive skin dehydration,
  3. it is important not to apply rich, oily creams or balms on sunburned skin, as these products hold the heat and instead of cooling, they increase the burning sensation,
  4. it is important not to expose yourself to the sun, until the redness and vulnerability to pressure is eliminated.

Willing to avoid unpleasant experiences when taking advantage of the sun or the tanning bed, it is essential to follow the common sense. Taking care of one’s health and good look of the skin, it is advisable not to expose it to excessive doses of UV radiation and properly protect it against sunburns.