If your skin needs help – use caring and soothing thermi gel

The skin is one of the biggest, as well as the most important organ in the human organism. It constitutes a protective barrier against various mechanical, chemical, physical and bacterial agents. Skin protects against the loss of heat and extensive evaporation of water from the body. It is a sense organ and participates in immune processes of the human organism. Due to its external location, the skin is exposed to daily contact with various different factors, which frequently cause its irritation. During winter these agents may include freeze and wind, whereas during summer it may be sun and UV radiation. Both the excessively high temperature, as well as exceedingly low temperature impair the natural protective barrier of the skin, leading to its irritation. Unfortunately, daily beauty treatments, such as hair removal or shaving, can also irritate the skin. There are numerous various external factors leading to undesired lesions on the skin and causing discomfort.

Irritated skin becomes red, rough and sensitive. Depending on the factor that caused irritation, lesions may be associated with itching or burning sensation, and even pain.

Skin irritations are enumerated among the most frequent issues we face during everyday life. That is why it is worth having a caring and soothing THERMI gel with you. It is an innovative preparation, which provides comprehensive performance and not only soothes the symptoms of unpleasant irritation, but at the same time ensures proper skin care.


Caring and soothing Thermi gel is a product with a unique composition. It contains Regen7 molecule – a physiological active substance of vitamin origin, which poses a positive influence on the condition and look of the skin, as well as prevents irritations.

The product is intended to care and protect:

  • skin exposed to sunburn and thermal irritations,
  • skin prone to blistering,
  • skin irritated as a result of dermatological procedures (such as peelings, microdermabrasion, laser procedures) and beauty treatments (e.g. hair removal, shaving).

Caring and soothing Thermi gel is available in pharmacies.